• Our Mission

  • Our mission is to enable anyone to access the apex asset, Bitcoin, by creating the world’s most secure platform for purchasing mining hardware and services.


    By integrating mining, hosting, and power supply into one investible product, we are proud to be agents of change across the industry. Our solutions are efficient, secure, easy to integrate, and backed by unrivaled customer service.

  • Minestack’s team has been involved in the financing and development of large-scale infrastructure projects, commissioned by multinationals and government entities for over two decades.

    This experience means that Minestack is well placed to create a platform to support the adoption of mining throughout the growing community. 

    Minestack develops and invests in mining infrastructure that focuses on energy efficiency, scaleable hosting and the secure supply of hardware.

    Our goal is to bring together key stakeholders to create sustainable circular blockchain ecosystems that meet the growing demand of global communities for decentralisation. We do this in an environmentally conscious way, placing emphasis on energy efficiency and low-impact solutions that use green energy wherever possible.


    As a leading transaction management business, Escrow.com offers equal protection to all parties involved in a transaction. A regulated and fully licensed service that works seamlessly with our verification and logistics measures, Escrow.com offers all the reassurance that buyers need when looking to buy or sell miners and mining-related solutions.

    Echo Barrier

    The market leaders in acoustic barriers offer vital solutions that make it possible for our customers to run miners in virtually any location or setting. Acoustic barriers are easy to install, effective at reducing noise energy by up to 99% and environmentally sound.

    Crypto Cache

    Crypto Cache is accelerating the future of mining by combining the latest materials and construction techniques, as well as using ultra low-cost power to deliver outstanding margins and dramatically reduce associated emissions. Fast to install and fast to get up and running, it’s possible to get mining in a matter of weeks from purchase order to lights on.

    Typically, emerging industries and markets are followed by a gold rush of participants eager to take full advantage of an unregulated marketplace.

    In this instance, these unscrupulous vendors have damaged the confidence of potential members considering joining the network, thereby curtailing its growth.

    Using best practices that have been successful in other industries, the mission of my team has always been to reverse this damage and bring confidence back to the market as a result.

    If your business is mining bitcoin or involved in any other form of crypto mining, Minestack supports, guides, and protects you.

    Our customers are supported with knowledge and maintenance
    services. We also provide inspection services as the first option of the purchasing process, with the second option for escrow payments if you wish.

    We like to think that we are part of a legacy for future generations and that the mentoring our business provides will serve a valuable purpose.

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