Plug & Play PODs

Using innovative air handling techniques, liquid immersion cooling, and by harnessing the latest in design principles; a new frontier in hosting pods begins. Our energy efficient and high-density mining options require minimal physical footprint, making them cost effective and low impact.


  • Introduction to Pods

  • In partnership with Crypto Cache we are driving standards in cryptocurrency miner designs and developing hosting pods that deliver outstanding margins. From cabling and connections to HVAC systems and liquid cooling options, we prioritise attention to detail. The result is a flexible pod architecture that is incredibly powerful, easily scalable and adaptable to virtually any location or environment.


    Need more power? No problem. Simply add more structures to your installation. And because all elements are manufactured and assembled off-site, it really is as simple as plug and play.

  • Crypto Cache’s Titan Free Air mining pods are available in 1.0MW, 2.2MW and 5.0MW configurations. Designed to reduce the speed of airflow through the COLD and HOT halls, the crypto mining enclosure maximises cooling efficiency and helps to ensure that miners remain optimal.


    Based on an innovative approach derived from natural gas compressor buildings – which experience similar heat and noise challenges – Crypto Cache has advanced the traditional “data center” design to develop a pod that is, well, a breath of fresh air in the market.

    In Crypto Cache’s continuous efforts to bring new, improved and innovative container solutions to market, they have introduced the Titan Hydro. While traditional mining rigs rely on high-velocity fans to actively cool the hashboards, immersion cooling system is a more efficient and cost-effective approach.


    By submerging the mining rig in a thermally-conductive liquid it is possible to transfer heat more effectively and reduce the build-up of dust, which can otherwise hamper performance and reliability.


    We can work with you to deploy and grow your mining facility fast. Below are just a few key points for you to note before we proceed to quotation:

    -   We provide details corresponding with 1.0, 2.2 and 5.0MW free air mining enclosures (pods) and the Titan Hydro MW and 2.8MW liquid immersion bods.

    -   Our quotes contain drawings and illustrative racking layouts to assist you in the setup of your pods.

    -All pod electrical components, fan motors, switchboards and other elements are UL certified.