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In partnership with the experts in intelligent noise management at Echo Barrier, we offer a range of solutions to ensure that you can mine safely and quietly without interruption. These exceptional acoustic barriers make it possible for you to mine in urban areas without causing disruption or noise pollution.

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  • Introduction to Noise Control

  • There is no getting away from the fact that powerful miners generate a substantial amount of noise. This makes it essential to implement an effective sound control solution – especially if you are planning on running your hardware in a populated area.

    We have partnered with the world’s leading portable acoustic barrier manufacturer, Echo Barrier, to offer intelligent noise management products that are effective, versatile, hardwearing and exceptional value for money.

    Echo Barrier is an award-winning business with a proven track record in construction, road, rail, utilities and oil and gas industries. Echo Barrier’s innovative products are ideal for reducing the impact of sound energy. Lightweight, fast to install and easy to transport, these products reduce noise pollution by up to 99%.

  • The Echo Barrier H9™ offers outstanding all-round performance,
    complementing exceptional noise absorption and reduction with portability, durability, and versatility. Impressively resistant to water and to extremes of temperature, the Echo Barrier H9™ rises to a multitude of challenges, such as those posed by humid environments and highly stringent fire regulations. ASTM E84 tests for flame spread and smoke development indicate its suitability for projects subject to highly stringent fire regulations.

    The Echo Barrier mining Station™ is a temporary portable acoustic enclosure that can be erected with ease to contain noise from mining activities. Its innovative design offers superior noise reduction and absorption from all directions without compromise. It is ideal for use indoors or next to high rise structures. The viewing window provides visibility for communication and a safe working enviroment.

    The simple, flexible and effective design comes with all the components required to prevent noise from bouncing off ceilings and walls, whilst containing enviromental noise poluation.

    The TB6 Sonic™ Sound Absorber is a temporary portable acoustic barrier that absorbs noise from both sides over a very large range of frequencies. This makes it ideal for use in noise reflective and indoor areas. It is also lightweight, durable and water, fire and temperature resistant.